Safest Cars to Lease in 2016

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, over 3 million car accidents occur each year. Keeping this scary statistic in mind, safety should be the main concern when deciding which car to lease or purchase. Nowadays, the definition of a safe car has shifted from keeping passengers safe during a crash to avoiding the car crash all together.

Each year, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts outer impact, automatic breaks and crashworthiness tests while the vehicle is going 12 and 25mph. This way, they can conclude which cars are the safest to buy, which cars have a basic safety level and which ones are not safe at all.

This year, according to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the top safest cars to drive are the Honda Civic, Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Altima and Lexus RX 350 SUV. These cars made it to the top of the list because they performed the best in the aforementioned tests, earning them an “Advanced” safety rating. Safety is always important to keep in mind because not only should one have a car that works properly, but also a car that can help drivers avoid accidents in the future.

The Honda Civic is a four-door sedan on the top of the safety list. This car was named North American Car of The Year, reported CBS. The Hyundai Sonata and Nissan Altima are also four door sedans that made it to the top four because of their automatic emergency braking. The only SUV of the group is the Lexus RX 350 car, a luxury SUV, whose automatic braking system avoided a collision at 10mph and 25mph.

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