Safety Features 101

Most cars that have been introduced in recent years have advanced safety features that can potentially prevent automobile accidents and injuries, but do drivers know what they are and how to use them? Safety features have become so technologically advanced that some consumers find it hard to keep up with them. But some are more well-known than others.


Features like backup cameras have become so popular in the automotive industry that by 2018 all cars will be required to have a backup camera, according to CNN. The report states that making this feature standard in all vehicles could save lives. There are approximately 210 deaths each year caused by back-over (back over??) accidents. The NHTSA says that rear-facing cameras could prevent up to 70 deaths a year. This feature is almost a no-brainer to use because it automatically pops up every time the car is put in reverse but not all features are so obvious.


According to 65% of U.S. drivers do not know what adaptive cruise control is. This feature is an updated version of the standard cruise control. With an adaptive cruise control system the car will not only hold a constant speed while traveling on a highway, it will also keep a safe distance behind other cars, braking for you if you get too close. This feature, among others, could make driving a little bit less dangerous if drivers were aware that their cars had these features and knew how to properly use them.


If you think your car includes some of these features but you don’t know exactly what they are and how to use them, log onto This website, developed by the National Safety Council, is intended to educate drivers about the various safety features their cars have and how to use them.


Unfortunately, not everyone’s car has these seemingly hidden features. Many cars on the roads these days are about 11.5 years old, which is older than the new safety features like adaptive cruise control.  If a newer safety feature becomes available and you want to upgrade,  check out has been helping people who want to switch up their ride for more than 15 years. Headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, is an online marketplace that allows drivers to list their current lease and helps match them with buyers looking to take over the remainder of that lease. Both parties get what they’re looking for all with the convenience of online shopping.


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