Second Row Safety

It is generally well-known that children should be seated in the second row of seats in car to avoid injury in case of an accident. But now, even the back seat might not be safe for your child.


According to a recent report from Fox News, front seat drivers and passengers seats may break after even a minor crash. Damage done to the front and passenger seats may not be obvious or even noticeable but could be a threat to the passengers riding in the back seat if the car were to get into another accident. In an accident situation, the front two seats, driver and passenger could collapse due to previously incurred damage and injury the backseat passengers.


Fox News Problem Solvers have already uncovered 100 cases of this unfortunate situation across the US.


While this discovery is scary, children should still be seated in the back seat as opposed to the front and should be sitting in the appropriate car seat or booster seat. The best way to avoid this from happening to your child is to get your car’ seats checked immediately after any sort of crash, no matter how small.


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