Sedan or Coupe: Which Is Right for You?

sedan or coupeWhen trying to decide which car is right for you, one of the questions that often comes up is whether to go with a sedan or coupe. Even if you narrow your options down to a particular make and model, several popular models give you a choice between either sedan or coupe designs. So which is right for you?

Sedan or coupe: What’s the difference?

Sedans and coupes differ mostly in terms of style and functionality.

The most common definition of coupes is that they have only two doors (or sometimes three, if you count the rear door on a hatchback). Sedans, on the other hand, usually have four doors.

However, some automakers offer four-door coupes and two-door sedans. In those cases, the “coupe” or “sedan” terminology refers to the overall style of the car. A four-door coupe has the general profile of a coupe: a lower roof line; sleeker, sportier profile; and generally a smaller back seat. A two-door sedan, on the other hand, would have the more conservative “three-box” profile of a sedan.

Choosing a sedan or coupe

The factors that can help you decide between the two body styles are:

  • Passengers – The backseat of a coupe is usually going to have less leg room and be harder to get in and out of. For kids, this is generally not an issue. But if you’re driving carpool, your adult passengers will by far prefer the back seat of a sedan.
  • Cargo – Likewise, sedans will usually have more space for cargo and easier access to that cargo.
  • Style – As mentioned, coupes have a sportier look and are generally more fun to drive.
  • Insurance – The insurance on a sporty coupe will sometimes cost more than on a comparable sedan.
  • Price – Price is certainly a factor, but is one that can go either way. Sometimes the sedan version of a car is cheaper and sometimes the coupe is the better value.

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