Shorter Lease Terms, Quicker Turnarounds

Leasing cars has become more popular, post-recession. Folks want to drive the newest models without being stuck in them when they become outdated. Cars have essentially become like cellphones. Mobile carriers have acknowledged that consumers want to upgrade their phones each year and now offer plans that allow you to do so. Leasing cars isn’t much different in this day and age with dealers offering consumers the opportunity to drive the latest models.

Recently, Toyota has seen an increase in their 24-month lease contracts. Why? Simply put, drivers don’t want to be caught in a long-term agreement when they have the option to drive the newest models every other year. Longer lease agreements, though still popular, lock you in for a longer period of time requiring you to wait longer to drive the brand new makes and models.

A recent report in Automotive News explained this trend stating that shorter lease terms absorb the vehicle’s abrupt initial depreciation. Consumers also prefer shorter lease agreements because of lower maintenance costs, less commitment and the ability to remain in a fairly new car.

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