Single Payment Car Leases

As you pick out your new car, there is the option to pay in full, upfront and drive home with no worries.

The option to make this one large single payment is also an option for a leased car upon signing. Paying the entire amount of the lease up front rids of the concern of making late payments and ruining credit.

Within this single payment option, there are two approaches to this option.

Approach #1

In this approach, you will pay for the depreciation value of your car, sales tax, and the total amount of monthly payments upfront. You will still need to pay interest on residual but will not have to pay interest on depreciation.

Approach #2

Monthly payments would be computed by leasing company that will include sales tax, then multiplied by that number by entire leasing term to calculate. This approach is easier to compute, where you are paying the same amount of lease if all monthly payments were added up.


As paying off your leased car upfront seems like the way to go, putting all that money down at signing can all go down the drain if the inevitable happens, like if your car is stolen or is totaled. The insurance company will only cover the market value of your car.

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