Smart Auto Features That Deserve Serious Attention

smart auto featuresCars are rapidly getting “smarter” these days, with a host of high-tech features being invented to make your vehicle safer, more efficient and more comfortable. 

Some cars offer more smart auto features than others, and different manufacturers provide different options with their models. So, you need to decide which smart auto features are must-haves, and which you can do without. Below are examples of smart auto features worth considering:

  • Collision avoidance systems. These employ radar or other external sensors to detect surrounding cars and other objects. They can warn you of a potential collision, and even automatically apply the brakes or steering to avoid the accident.
  • Blind spot monitoring. This is a particular type of collision avoidance system which warns you if there is a car in your blind spot.
  • Adaptive cruise control. If you have the cruise control on and come upon a car driving slower than your speed, adaptive cruise control will slow down your car until the other vehicle is out of the way.
  • Driver alertness monitoring. These systems watch your eyes and make sure you are not falling asleep when driving. If you start to nod off, the car will wake you up.
  • Smart keys. Smart keys can be programmed to provide different features or limits depending on who is driving. For example, they can be set to prevent a teen driver from exceeding a certain speed limit.
  • Adjustable pedals. Most cars allow you to adjust the position of the driver’s seat or steering wheel, but a few also allow you to adjust the position of the foot pedals. This can be quite helpful if you have long or short legs.
  • Parking cameras. These smart auto features come in different types. Some use a rear-facing camera to give you a clear view when backing up. Others provide a “bird’s-eye view” of the vehicle from above, allowing you to see all around the car and make sure you fit within the parking space.

Smart auto features are much more common on late-model luxury cars, and are often offered through lease transfers. To learn more about the options available, please contact us at

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