Making the Most of Your Summer Road Trip: 9 Common Sense Tips

summer road tripA summer road trip can be a great way to make lasting memories. However, you want to make sure those are good memories.

To make the most of your summer road trip, take note of these nine common-sense tips:

  1. Prepare your car beforehand. You want to take care of all warm-weather maintenance items before heading out on your summer road trip.
  2. Know your destination. Not just where you’re going, but what it’s like. Check long-range weather forecasts, lists of local things to see and do, and any other information that might help you plan and pack wisely.
  3. Plan your route. Mapping software can instantly give you the shortest route but might cause you to miss more scenic roads or places of interest along the way. Check also for summer construction projects, as a longer drive gives you more possibilities for alternative routes.
  4. Have a road atlas. It allows you to see all of the available routes and attractions at a glance and can be useful if your GPS device or smartphone loses signal or battery power.
  5. Keep entertained. You don’t want to be bored or drowsy when driving on a long summer road trip. Create music playlists, bring activities for passengers or creatively turn the drive into a game.
  6. Pack smart. You don’t want to leave anything important behind, but you also don’t want to pack everything. You can pack less clothing by using laundromats and buy common supplies along the route.
  7. Let someone know where you are. Have a system: If you don’t check in at a certain time, someone back home will know that something’s wrong and know where to find you.
  8. Ask the locals. Your best source of information on directions, places to see or restaurants to avoid are the people who live there full-time.
  9. Drive the right car. Does your summer road trip call for a convertible or a full-size SUV or crossover? Having the right car for your needs can make all the difference.

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