Summer Sun Can Be Not So Fun

The sun is beaming outside, and it is the perfect day to head to the beach and catch some rays. After you have had enough you can’t wait to get to your car to get away from the sun. But you take one step in your car and the heat is unbearable! Want to avoid getting into a not-so-hot car during these summer months? Here are a few things to consider to help you out.

Hide From The Sun

Depending on where you are, it can sometimes be difficult to not park in the sun. Here is what to look for before you park your car:

  • A parking garage if you are lucky
  • A shady area with trees or shade from a building
  • No shady area or garage? Face your car away from the sun, better to have the rear of your car catch the heat than the front where you will be

Avoid Your Car From Absorbing Hot Rays

Getting in your car after a hot day can be painful. Your body gets in contact with a hot seat, hot steering wheel, and a hot seatbelt. Try these quick hacks to keep your interior cool:

  • Cover steering wheel with a hand towel
  • Throw blankets over your seats that you or your occupants are going to use
  • Invest in a large window visor for your front and/or rear window and also small suction shades for all your window
  • Invest in tinting your windows 

Cooling Off 

No matter what hack you go through, there will be some level of unbearable heat in the car that you wish you can escape from. Once you are in your car and ready to go, here are some tips to help the heat escape from your car:

  • Blast your A/C and roll your windows down slightly. The hot air in your car will rise and escape through the slight openings while the cooler air circulates within your car.
  • Be sure to have the car moving while you blast the A/C. Your A/C needs air flow in order to turn the hot air into cold air.
  • Tip: Keep your windows slightly cracked so at least some hot air can escape while your car is parked.

Take this hacks and tips into consideration next time you go out for some summer fun. Did you know that dark interior and exterior cars absorb the most heat? If you are interested in a car that doesn’t get so hot, try a lighter colored car with lighter interior. Check out, a large online marketplace for your next summer ride. Lease anywhere across the United States! For more information visit or contact them at 866-SWAPNOW.