Smarter Cars, Smarter Ways to Protect Personal Data

Technology in the automotive industry has taken off as of late with autonomous cars, HUDs and Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. These advances make it easier for drivers to have a seamless and enjoyable driving experience as well as contribute to the connectivity of the Internet of Things.

A recent article in Government Technology talked about the importance of protecting drivers’ personal information. Phones and homes aren’t the only “smart” things that communicate. With the recent data breaches that have occurred, consumers want to know their information is protected. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers have teamed up to set privacy regulations for the automotive industry.

They have come up with 7 rules that will help consumers understand how automakers will use the collected information and will keep automakers accountable to their consumers. This partnership looks to create transparency between drivers, the automotive industry as well as insurance providers and law enforcement.

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What’s Next for the Automotive Industry?

In the last few years we have seen multiple advances and changes happen not only in the technology and mobile phone realm but also in the automobile world. However, the automobile industry was a bit behind in trying to maintain momentum and keep up. Recently we have seen major innovations such as the beginnings of autonomous cars, heads up displays, and connected vehicles for a more enjoyable driving experience.

CNN recently published an article relating the future of the automotive industry and the unveiling of several new models, including the newest luxury models, supercars and hybrid motors at the Paris Motor Show. Some of the cars on display at the show include a plug-in hybrid from Lamborghini, Asterion, and a hybrid sedan from Infinity, Q80.

What these new models and technological advances mean for the automotive industry as a whole and drivers in particular is that the industry is beginning to meet the need and demand for more environmentally friendly models. As millennials continue their journey into adulthood, many are looking for more fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles. Though these vehicles can be expensive, offers a budget-friendly alternative.

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Are Autonomous Cars the end of Cruise Control?

As auto manufacturers continue to develop technology that helps drivers, such as cruise control, we can expect more advances to be made in the next couple of years. We have already heard about Google’s driverless cars that are being tested in California. Audi has also been developing technology that will take over a car’s steering under certain conditions.

A recent article in Forbes described how GM is also developing and testing the technology that will aid drivers, however it is not calling it autonomous driving. By 2017, GM’s luxury line of vehicles will be equipped with ‘Super Cruise’ technology, which can take control of the vehicle for a prolonged period of time.

GM’s super cruise technology is similar to Audi’s cruise automation and won’t completely take over steering, accelerating and braking of the vehicle. However, under certain circumstances, such as driving on the freeway, the driver is able to turn it on like cruise control, sit back and enjoy the ride.

With all of these advances being made in the automotive world, vehicles are now seen as disposable as cell phones. If we are able to upgrade our phones every year, why not be able to upgrade our vehicles as well? makes that option viable. As the largest online lease marketplace, makes it easy for you to get into a new vehicle more often.

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