Your Noisy Brakes: They’re Telling You Something — Do You Know What?

noisy brakesHaving noisy brakes on your car could indicate a problem or just be a minor annoyance. Considering how important brakes are to your safety, though, you’re better off knowing exactly what your noisy brakes are trying to tell you. Continue reading

Crash-Avoidance Systems: Safety Features To Consider

crash-avoidance systemsWe’ve discussed how to deal with auto collisions, but it is far preferable to avoid them. New crash-avoidance systems help make that possible by detecting possible hazards and assisting drivers in responding to them quickly. And drivers are responding in the way they choose their vehicles: Crash-avoidance systems were rated as the most desirable features available on new cars. Continue reading

Sharing The Road With 18-Wheelers

sharing the road with 18-wheelersThere are an estimated 2 million semi trucks on the road today, and together they carry almost a third of all freight in the United States. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the gas you put in your car and even your car itself were likely carried at some point on the back of an 18-wheeler. Continue reading

Planning A Holiday Road Trip? Proceed With Caution

planning a holiday road trip, proceed with cautionAcross much of the country, the potential for snow, ice and severe cold makes winter driving a challenge. So if you’re planning a holiday road trip, keep some tips in mind. Proceed with caution, and you’ll arrive safely at your destination. Continue reading