The Negative Side Of A Large Down Payment

Why buy a car when leasing one is so much more convenient – and affordable? A recent article in a leading New Jersey media outlet,, found that consumers are confused when it comes to leasing a car. They aren’t sure whether to put money down or not, how much to put down, and what exactly are the benefits of making a down payment on a leased car.

Large down payments are not only costly, but they can work against you in a lease environment, particularly if the vehicle is involved in an accident. Consumers need to pay close attention to this aspect of the negotiation process. Is there a better way?

We’ve all heard the old adage time is money and in leasing cars it is no different. Why get locked into a long-term contract when you can transfer your lease to someone else in as little time as possible? Besides, why waste money on a down payment for a car when you can get one for zero money down? All you have to do is take over someone else’s lease. It’s that simple! is a different kind of automobile marketplace that connects potential buyers to sellers based on their needs. People looking to transfer out of their lease are matched up with potential consumers on and the transfer process is begun. requires NO down payment of any kind and the buyer can pick up right where the seller left off. What better way to get a new car than assuming someone else’s lease and making no down payment? The car of your dreams is waiting for you.

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