The Always-On Car Warranty

According to a recent survey, safety ranks as one of the highest factors in wanting to get a new car. Because only with a lease can you consistently upgrade to the newest and safest technology. If you purchase a vehicle, you’ll be in a long-term agreement with a car that will, over time, compromise the integrity of important safety features due to wear and tear.

A recent report found twenty-four of the safest 2013-2014 cars, from airbags to brakes. They include:

Where does leasing fit into the conversation? With a lease you can get a different car every few years. This is important because recent studies show that “always having a car under warranty” is one of the biggest reasons people look to change their vehicle. Gone are the days when drivers wanted to fix their own car, and with the sharp increase of vehicle recalls as of late, drivers are even more concerned about the safety of their vehicle. On, you can find each of the above-mentioned models for a cheap price and a short term agreement:

  • Ford Fusion $274 per month/27 months
  • Hyundai Elantra $179/36 months
  • Honda Accord $159/36 months
  • Nissan Altima $239/10 months
  • Volkswagen Passat $195/26 months

Not only can you get the safest cars on the market by simply paying a cheap monthly payment; by the time newer safety features arrive on the market, you’ll be looking for a new car.

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Car Lease Deals For Grads

Not only is graduation an enthralling day for the graduates; it’s also a lifetime highlight for family members. A graduation gift is a cultural norm, but graduates most likely won’t be coveting a gift that is typical. Entertainment systems, airline tickets, new phones – all great gift ideas, but not necessarily what your grad actually needs. Instead, your grad will be coveting something that can calm their anxiety regarding the unemployment rate among college graduates, which analysts say won’t be much lower from last year’s 50%.

US News surveyed 178 universities and found that nearly 48% of college students don’t have a vehicle on campus. Thus, when May approaches, a massive crop of graduates don’t have an easy way to commute to job interviews.  But a lease from is a gift that not only is creative; it’s also useful and needed.

Five current deals that parents and other friends and family can take advantage of for their college grad include:

•    2013 Smart Fortwo $87/month for 16 months
•    2012 VW Golf $171/month for 19 Months
•    2014 Ford Focus $139/month 24
•    2012 Jeep Patriot $187/month for 12
•    2014 Hyundai Elantra $179/month for 36 months

Since the supply of’s marketplace is produced by consumers, there are more endless options for car models, prices, and locations. And not only is the supply vast; the prices are much cheaper than many leases on the car lot. Since you can take over someone’s lease, this often results in only paying the monthly payment, not the down payment or other fees. The lease is also a short-term commitment, which opens up graduates to explore new vehicles with up to date technology and safety upgrades after the lease term is up.
These cheap lease deals are an investment into your graduate’s future, because it puts wheels underneath their aspirations. What could be a better gift than that?

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5 Great Car Lease Deals In March

You’ve heard it before: the biggest perk of leasing is the extremely low monthly payment. So let’s put it to the test. Let’s see if there is truth behind the notion. The lowest monthly payments in March currently include:

  • Smart Car Pure Coupe – $99/month, $1,393 due at signing.
  • Nissan Versa Sedan – $129/month, $1,999 due at signing.
  • Chevy Cruze – $149/month, $1,629 due at signing.
  • Volkswagen Jetta – $149 per month for 36 months with $2,349 due at signing.
  • Kia Rio – $159/month, $1,999 due at signing.

Keep in mind you can always check out for great deals on new leases. Sometimes things can be too good to be true. But the notion that leasing does yield a low monthly payment is redefining the phrase, because it is both good and true.

Isn’t it often rude to bargain for a cheaper rate on a sale price? Not in this industry, since has even lower payments than these…low payments. Since thousands swap their leases with someone else on, down payment is zero, making the vehicles that much more appealing. Five attractive bargains from, based on their current monthly payment, are:

  • 2013 Audi A4 – $67/month for 17 months
  • 2013 Scion IQ – $87/month for 31 months
  • 2013 Smart – $114/month for 21 months
  • 2014 Chevy Equinox $199/month for 24 months
  • 2014 Hyundai Accent $169/month for 36 months

But not only is the monthly payment enticing. Don’t forget to factor in that the car will usually be covered by warranty throughout the duration of the lease, and that dealers are more than willing to make a lease agreement deals because it creates a high customer return rate. Plus, you have no long term commitment. If you decide you want an upgrade, it’s not a far-fetched idea.

And you can turn your far-fetched hope of scoring a low monthly payment into a reality, because the options are wide-open in leasing marketplaces like

For more information on finding the best car lease deal or to learn how you can have a successful car lease trade, contact at 866-SWAPNOW.