Going Online to Find Your Car Owner’s Manual

car owner's manualYour car owner’s manual can contain a wealth of useful information. Sure, it may not have much of a plot, but it will include instructions on how to get the most out of all your car’s features, list the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules and help you avoid missteps that could accidentally void your car’s warranty. Continue reading

Taking a Car to College? 4 Key Considerations

taking a car to collegeCollege marks the first time that many teen drivers are truly out on their own. Besides all of the other preparations involved in leaving home, there are some special considerations involved if they plan on taking a car to college with them. Continue reading

All About Your Car’s Air Conditioner

car's air conditionerYour car’s air conditioner becomes an important part of your vehicle as the weather warms up. It could even be considered essential if you’re driving in places like humid Florida or triple-digit Texas. To keep your car’s air conditioner running properly, it’s helpful to know how it actually works. Continue reading