The Crossover and the SUV: So What’s the Difference?

crossover and suvAmong all of the different types of vehicles available today, the crossover and SUV tend to cause the most confusion. Though most people can easily identify vehicles in the crossover/SUV category by sight, differentiating which of those vehicles are “crossovers” and which ones are “SUVs” is much more difficult. Continue reading

How Mileage Milestones Affect the Value of a Car

value of a carThe resale value of a car goes down slightly with every mile it’s driven. The decline in value doesn’t follow a straight line, though. There are certain mileage milestones that have a bigger impact on the value of a car, causing the price to temporarily take a steeper dive. Continue reading

Your Auto Lease: 5 Reasons Someone Else Would Like to Pick It Up

auto leaseThough leasing a car often makes more sense than buying one, there are times when you need to get out of that auto lease. Perhaps your circumstances have changed, or you’ve been in the lease a couple of years and would now like a new vehicle.  Continue reading

Lease Assumption: An Ideal Solution When You Can No Longer Handle Your Payments

lease assumptionChange is the one constant in life. If you’re leasing a car, those changes can sometimes mean you’re stuck with a vehicle that you can no longer afford, no longer need or simply don’t want.  Continue reading

Cleaning Your Car’s Interior: From the Bottom Up

cleaning car interiorHaving a spotless car interior can make a used car look, feel and even smell like it just came off the dealer’s lot. And just like hand-washing your car’s exterior, cleaning your car’s interior is something you can do yourself at home if you have the right tools and know-how. Continue reading