Auto Leasing Growing in Popularity, Especially for Luxury Models

With gas prices decreasing recently, many people have taken the opportunity to upgrade their vehicles to bigger, newer ones. A recent article in CNBC talked about how more Americans are willing to purchase luxury cars as well as the higher priced SUVs.

These purchases are a sign that our economy is continuing its recovery and Americans are feeling more secure in the automotive industry. For example, the article mentioned that the GMC Yukon’s higher-end version, the Denali, starts at $63,770. For Americans looking to have a comfortable ride and one with all of the features, the price will only increase.

Most opt to lease these vehicles as the cost-effective option. For individuals paying $100 to $125 on their cellphone bill, as the article states, paying $500 or $600 for a leased vehicle makes the most sense. However, for those who can’t afford to buy, or even lease, a luxury car or the higher prices SUVs there is a third option. offers individuals the option of taking over the remainder of a lease. Drivers looking to exit their lease early, list their vehicle on the website and those interested in taking the remainder of the lease over will be matched and a transfer can take place. What’s more, there is no down payment and some sellers will offer incentives for those taking over the lease. is the largest online lease transfer marketplace. The online marketplace has vehicles and customers in every state in the continental United States and Canada. For more information on finding the best car lease deals or to learn how you can have a successful car lease trade, visit or contact them at 866-SWAPNOW.