What’s Next for the Automotive Industry?

In the last few years we have seen multiple advances and changes happen not only in the technology and mobile phone realm but also in the automobile world. However, the automobile industry was a bit behind in trying to maintain momentum and keep up. Recently we have seen major innovations such as the beginnings of autonomous cars, heads up displays, and connected vehicles for a more enjoyable driving experience.

CNN recently published an article relating the future of the automotive industry and the unveiling of several new models, including the newest luxury models, supercars and hybrid motors at the Paris Motor Show. Some of the cars on display at the show include a plug-in hybrid from Lamborghini, Asterion, and a hybrid sedan from Infinity, Q80.

What these new models and technological advances mean for the automotive industry as a whole and drivers in particular is that the industry is beginning to meet the need and demand for more environmentally friendly models. As millennials continue their journey into adulthood, many are looking for more fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles. Though these vehicles can be expensive, Swapalease.com offers a budget-friendly alternative.

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