Driving Down the Cost of Summer Driving: 10 Ways to Save on Gas

cost of summer drivingGas prices are often the highest of the year during summer — the same time of year that people tend to drive the most. To help you limit the cost of summer driving, here are 10 ways you can save on gas. Continue reading

Your Car’s Aerodynamics and Fuel Efficiency: The Details That Decrease Drag

aerodynamics and fuel efficiencyIn their continuing efforts to improve the fuel mileage of their fleets, auto manufacturers are placing a renewed emphasis on aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. Continue reading

An In-Depth Guide to In-Dash Navigation Systems

in-dash navigation systemsIn-dash navigation systems are available on many new or late-model cars. Most popular luxury models include in-dash navigation systems as standard equipment and combine them with audio controls and other applications to create a single, multipurpose “infotainment” screen. Continue reading