Smart Cars, Smart Phone Technology

Technology has made getting your phone system to work in your car so much easier. Both Google and Apple have been developing software that enables you to use your phone in your car, nearly hands free. Though most cars now have Bluetooth and touchscreen center screens, Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto both allow the software from their phones to take over the center console screen of a car.

By connecting your phone either through a lightning cable or MicroUSB, individuals are able to access their phones and certain apps, like maps, Siri or Google voice, in their cars. A recent Time news article  also noted that both corporations are soliciting app developers to make some apps available in cars, such as your favorite music provider. Apple’s CarPlay also allows you to write a text message and answer calls through the car’s speaker system. By enabling this technology in cars, Google and Apple are aiming to make driving safer.

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