Technology and Leasing Go Hand in Hand

Technology – we can’t escape it. From the latest phones, to smart homes, to cars technology is the hot commodity that keeps on getting hotter. The automotive industry has seen a significant increase in the way technology is presented and used in vehicles. Consumers want to drive cars with the latest gadgets available, yet not all can afford to because technology packages hike up the overall price. However, buying a car isn’t the only option when choosing to get into a new car.

The popularity of leasing has been steadily increasing and will continue its climb if the cost of owning a vehicle also increases. Though the economy has been improving, gas prices decreasing and consumer confidence experiencing a boost, not everyone is looking to take on the long-term commitment of owning a car. A recent article in the New York Times talked about how technology has, in a way, helped increase auto lease sales. There were 16.5 million new vehicles sold in 2014, the highest since 2006, and a quarter of these sales were leases.

The article went on to say that consumers aren’t as concerned with the overall cost of something as they are with monthly payments. Therefore, leasing has found a favorable audience, especially with Millennials. As Millennials’ influence and purchase power grows, automakers will need to find a way to cater to this demographic and leasing is one way in doing so.

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