Bye-Bye Wait Lists!

What’s better than getting a great deal on a car lease deal? Being able to drive a “filler” car before the one you want arrives. But not just any car, a Porsche! That’s exactly what the auto maker is offering. Customers looking to get the new 2015 Porsche Macan might have to wait until it arrives.

A recent article in Forbes elaborated on this plan Porsche is offering to current and new customers. While waiting for your brand new Macan, you can lease a Boxster or Cayman for six months. This short-term lease serves as a bridge to when the Macan becomes available. Current Porsche drivers can extend their current lease until the car they’re waiting for becomes available.

Although this sort of marketing play isn’t new in the automotive industry, it certainly is getting more traction. But why get caught waiting for the car you want to become available when you can get into that car now? is the place to go for consumers looking to drive the latest makes and models. The largest online car lease marketplace, pairs individuals looking to exit their lease with individuals who are looking to take over a lease. In a world of instant gratification, waiting six months for the car you want to drive is six months too long. has the car you want and you don’t have to wait for it to become available.

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