Remote Starters are Back, But This Time It’s an App.

Technology in the automobile industry has been thriving, from GPS to in car Wi-Fi.  Lately, many new cars come with the option of a remote starter app.  Remote starter keys have been around for a long time, and has evolved into an app that can be downloaded on to smartphones and even some smartwatches.  There are many perks to having yet another command at the touch of your smart phone.

One advantage over having an app rather than a remote starter is that it is said to be able to reach the car from a further difference.  There are a number of convenient features that are found between the different apps that make it so you don’t even need your car key… or half of your dashboard for that matter!  Many of them can perform the standard locking, unlocking and car starting, but some of them do so much more.

Some of the features help with locating your car, such as honking your horn and flashing your lights, and even a vehicle finder.  Of course, many electric cars need special attention too, and there are apps for that!  The Nissan Leaf app shows the battery life and estimated driving range.  One can even schedule charging times.

Having these features are not just for easy remote access, but are very relevant for safety notifications as well.  Having the ability to find your car, especially at night or in a parking garage is dangerous, and many of these new features can assist someone find their car.  Second, if you are able to see your mileage or tire pressure before entering your car, it can be beneficial, especially if there is bad weather or you are in a dangerous area.

Being knowledgeable about your car before getting in it is one of the many improvements we have seen in automotive technology.  This keeps drivers alert, and keeps them from being distracted.  And of course, who doesn’t love adding one more app to the collection?

If your current vehicle isn’t connected to the IoT, why not get into one that allows you to have all of these awesome features? allows you to take over the remainder of a lease at a budget-friendly price. There is no down payment required and you get more car for your money.

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Electric Vehicles and the Used Car Market

Electric vehicles have steadily grown in popularity and appealed to many drivers, however the cost has not always made EVs available to all. What’s more as technology continues to advance, the price of EVs have similarly increased. However, as the stock of the used car market increases drivers are now able to own electric vehicles at a lower price.

A recent article in talked about how the EVs currently coming off of leases will enter the used car market and will therefore be more affordable for consumers. President Obama set a goal for 1 million electric vehicles by 2020 but the cost of producing and owning an EV is not something drivers are automatically drawn to. What’s more, as gas prices have decreased from a few years ago there has been an increase in SUV purchases.

However, as EVs come off leases and enter the used car market consumers are now able to drive environmentally friendly cars, up to a third of the original price according to the article. For individuals who have always wanted to drive an EV, there might be an even more cost-effective way to get into your dream car. offers individuals the chance to take over an existing lease. Instead of being stuck in a long-term contract, why not take over an existing lease and have an extended test- drive? Taking over an existing lease gives you more freedom and helps you save money.

For those who are looking to get out of their current lease and would also like to save money, helps match sellers and buyers together. Both parties get what they’re looking for, without the hassle of down payments and excessive fees.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace and the pioneer in facilitating lease transfers online. For more information about or how to exit your lease early, call 866-SWAPNOW or visit

Trouble with Auto’s Subprime Bubble?

There have been many reports talking about the danger of the automotive industry’s subprime bubble and what kind of effect it can have on the economy. However, it turns out that auto’s subprime bubble doesn’t compare to the one the housing market experienced before the Great Recession.

In a recent article in The Guardian, experts compared the subprime bubble in the automotive industry to the housing bubble and found that, though the auto subprime bubble reached $20 billion in 2014, the housing subprime bubble reached $600 billion in 2006 alone. Though subprime lending continues to increase in the automotive industry, consumers need to be aware of what kind of loan terms they’re agreeing to when buying a new car.

Most of the time, dealers are looking to make a sale and won’t explain the specifics of the loan while consumers are focused on monthly payments that they won’t take a better look at loan terms and length. However, consumers should educate themselves and not be pressured into singing on the dotted line until they understand the details of their car loan.

What’s more, purchasing a car isn’t in everyone’s best interest. A lot of the times buyers can save more money over time by taking over the remainder of a lease. Taking over a lease helps both sellers and buyers. Sellers can exit their lease before it’s due and not have to pay any fees for breaking their lease and buyers take over a shorter-term commitment with a low monthly price.

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The Appealing Side of Leasing a Car in the New Year

Car buying today has come a long way. Where leasing was once seen as a privilege for those who were able to drive a new car every few years, it can now be seen as a more affordable option than vehicle ownership. The cost of owning a car has steadily risen due to higher prices and lengthier loan terms. People now have to borrow more and longer in order to afford a new vehicle.

Are you thinking twice about leasing a car? Not everyone is convinced of the power of leasing. According to Business Insider, leasing from a cost standpoint might sound less appealing. If you have 20% down and a five-year loan, (in the sixth year) the car can be yours with no more payments. What if someone isn’t able to make a 20% down payment? It might take much longer to achieve that goal. Being able to lease a car has many advantages. You are able to get your dream car and pay much less and always have a brand new car.

The recent article from Business Insider also presents that leasing a car you will be stuck in a contract with stiff financial penalties to pay. What happens if you were to switch jobs and have a longer commute? Or move and no longer need a car? is the perfect answer to these questions. You don’t have to feel like you will be trapped with the car or half to save up 20% to buy a car plus 5 year loan. offers individuals to leave their leases with few penalties, if any. For consumers who are looking to get a new car leasing might be the perfect decision, especially if you’re looking for a shorter-term commitment then getting stuck with the same car for the next 72 months. offers an alternative to buying a car.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace and the pioneer in facilitating lease transfers online. For more information about or how to exit your lease early, call 866-SWAPNOW or visit