Fuel Economy: Open Windows or Air Conditioning–Which Is Better?

fuel economySummer can be hard on your car’s fuel economy, especially if you live in a hot southern state such as Arizona or Florida. It takes energy to keep your car’s interior cool, and that energy comes from the engine and the fuel it consumes. Continue reading

Taking a Car to College? 4 Key Considerations

taking a car to collegeCollege marks the first time that many teen drivers are truly out on their own. Besides all of the other preparations involved in leaving home, there are some special considerations involved if they plan on taking a car to college with them. Continue reading

Taking a Summer Road Trip With the Kids? Plan Ahead, and You’re Well on Your Way

summer road trips with kidsEven if you’re an experienced solo road warrior, going on a summer road trip with kids can present some challenges. It takes a bit more work to keep little ones safe and happy while staying strapped into a seat for long periods. Continue reading