Auto Industry Getting Social

As technology continues to evolve and improve our lives, it has also served to bring us all closer together. Consumers are always looking to the latest and greatest phones to stay modern and up to date. Verizon Wireless, the mobile communications giant, will debut a smartphone app that will allow car sharing and benefit rental car companies.

It is no surprise that, as technology advances, we look to leading companies for cutting-edge products. The auto industry has done a great job coming up with what we will all be driving in the near future, driverless vehicles. However, until this is ready for drivers and traffic, we must content ourselves with the technology we have now, including Verizon’s mobile app.

Verizon Wireless announced that it will release a mobile app that will allow rental car customers to unlock a vehicle, according to Automotive News. As car manufacturers continue to integrate smartphone technology into displays, Verizon’s app will appeal to corporate fleets as well as for car-sharing services.

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