Trouble with Auto’s Subprime Bubble?

There have been many reports talking about the danger of the automotive industry’s subprime bubble and what kind of effect it can have on the economy. However, it turns out that auto’s subprime bubble doesn’t compare to the one the housing market experienced before the Great Recession.

In a recent article in The Guardian, experts compared the subprime bubble in the automotive industry to the housing bubble and found that, though the auto subprime bubble reached $20 billion in 2014, the housing subprime bubble reached $600 billion in 2006 alone. Though subprime lending continues to increase in the automotive industry, consumers need to be aware of what kind of loan terms they’re agreeing to when buying a new car.

Most of the time, dealers are looking to make a sale and won’t explain the specifics of the loan while consumers are focused on monthly payments that they won’t take a better look at loan terms and length. However, consumers should educate themselves and not be pressured into singing on the dotted line until they understand the details of their car loan.

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