What Lower Gas Prices Mean for Hybrids and EVs

Hybrids and EVs had experienced a nice boost in sales because of how high gas prices had risen. As gas prices started to steadily decrease last year, consumers resorted to old shopping habits and sales of trucks and crossovers started to pick up again. Though gas prices have slightly increased, consumers are still looking for bigger vehicles to accommodate their need for space.

A recent Chicago Tribune article mentioned how, even after President Obama’s urging and incentives for sales of hybrids and EVs, consumers are attracted to roomier options like crossover SUVs. Lower gas prices play a big role in swaying consumers’ buying options, as most of those purchasing cars are older Millennials.

Though President Obama cautions that gas prices won’t stay low forever, Americans have taken their steady low prices as a sign to get into bigger cars. Americans’ need for roomier, more comfortable cars coupled with the lower gas prices has made hybrids and EVs less attractive. What’s more, as the economy also recuperates and consumers are more confident in their buying power, bigger cars are more attractive.

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The Crossover and the SUV: So What’s the Difference?

crossover and suvAmong all of the different types of vehicles available today, the crossover and SUV tend to cause the most confusion. Though most people can easily identify vehicles in the crossover/SUV category by sight, differentiating which of those vehicles are “crossovers” and which ones are “SUVs” is much more difficult. Continue reading