Car Shopping Also Appeals to Women

It has often been said that women are usually the decision makers of when families get a new car. If this is so, why aren’t more dealers advertising to women? A recent survey conducted by found that women are more comfortable and confident negotiating than some men. This is because more are doing their due diligence and research before making the final decision on a vehicle.

A recent article in Auto Remarketing explored why women are becoming more comfortable going to dealerships when purchasing a car and what they look for in a sales adviser. For many women, buying a car is an emotional as well as financial decision and investment. They want to be reassured they are making the right decision. That is why many women cite respect as the most important factor when visiting a dealership.

Women have had a stigma that they aren’t able to negotiate or don’t understand the ins and outs of buying or leasing a car as well as men do. It is no surprise respect is the most important factor for many women. However, car dealerships aren’t the only place women can go to find a car. has the best deals on thousands of leases. And in this marketplace, women enjoy the fact that they are working with other individuals when shopping for their next vehicle.

The largest online lease marketplace, helps individuals looking to get out of their car lease. These individuals are matched up with drivers looking to take over the remainder of the lease. As women are more confident and comfortable negotiating, taking over a car lease not only makes sense financially but it also allows women to deal directly with the lease owner. Why pay a dealer fee when taking over a lease is more budget friendly?

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