Pressure, Rotation and Alignment: The 3 Keys to Tire Longevity

tire pressure, rotation and alignmentA new set of tires can be a significant investment. High-quality tires for a speedy sports car or rugged SUV can easily run over $500 per set and are sometimes more than $500 per tire. So if you can extend the life of your tires and not have to buy a new set, you can save some serious cash. Continue reading

Handling an Auto Emergency: How to Stay Cool and Composed When Your Car Breaks Down

handling an auto emergencyIf you drive any car long enough, at some point it’s bound to break down on the road. It may be as simple as running out of gas or getting a flat tire, or perhaps the oil pressure or temperature light will indicate you need to pull over. Whatever the cause of the problem, handling an auto emergency on the road is something every driver should know how to do. Continue reading

The Tires on Your Car: Alignment, Rotation and Tread

tires on your carKeeping the tires on your car in good condition is a simple but important part of car maintenance. If the tires don’t provide good traction, you won’t be able to start, stop or steer your vehicle as quickly, which can make it harder to avoid accidents.  Continue reading

Hand-Washing Your Car: Do This, Don’t Do That

hand-washing your carHand-washing your car is the best way to keep it looking like new — if, that is, you do it correctly. To keep your dream car looking like a dream, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re hand-washing your car. Continue reading

Tire Maintenance And Safety: The 3 Basics

tire maintenance and safetyIf driving safety is important to you, then you need to pay special attention to the tires on your car. Tire maintenance and safety are closely related; tires provide the traction that allows you to stop, turn or speed up quickly, helping you avoid accidents and stay firmly on the road.  Continue reading