Taking a Summer Road Trip With the Kids? Plan Ahead, and You’re Well on Your Way

summer road trips with kidsEven if you’re an experienced solo road warrior, going on a summer road trip with kids can present some challenges. It takes a bit more work to keep little ones safe and happy while staying strapped into a seat for long periods.
To keep your summer road trip with kids rolling along smoothly, here are some things you can do to prepare.

  • Give your car a checkup. Having your car break down is never fun. But getting stranded on a summer road trip with kids? That’s a special kind of nightmare. Make sure your car is maintained and properly prepped for summer driving.
  • Pack a first aid kit. Create your kit complete with all the stuff you’ll need, and don’t forget to include medication to prevent car sickness.
  • Dress kids comfortably. For example, if your destination is a summer wedding, plan to arrive early and change them into dress clothes when you get there. They’ll be much happier wearing relaxed clothing (or even pajamas) during the long drive.
  • Bring something for them to do. Especially if the scenery isn’t much to look at. If you have an in-car DVD player or a mobile device with kid-friendly games, this would be the ideal time to use it. There are also inexpensive travel games designed for use in a car, with no loose pieces to fall on the floor.
  • Bring snacks. Food can help keep kids occupied and break up a long drive. Just make sure you pack healthy snacks. Sugar isn’t a good idea when taking a summer road trip with kids.
  • Plan stops. You’ll need to stop every couple of hours. Pick locations that will be interesting to kids and allow them to burn off some energy, such as city parks or restaurants with play areas.
  • Spread out. Do your kids tend to bug each other while in the car? Then keep them separated. This is where having the right vehicle, such as a minivan or an SUV/crossover with a third row of seating, can be a huge benefit.

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