Technologies Becoming Obsolete in Cars

Cars now-a-days come with all the bells and whistles. Most cars come with the usual technology such as navigation systems, satellite radio, and in-car apps. But are some of these technologies becoming obsolete in newer cars? A recent article in The New York Times explains how technology that was once so popular is not really necessary in cars anymore.

The article points out three technologies that are not needed in cars anymore such as CD players, GPS, and automaker app systems.  For example, the article states that the ownership of CDs has greatly decreased yet cars still come equipped with CD players. Also, most cars have navigation systems built in, especially with CarPlay and Android Auto, so GPS’ are no longer needed. What’s more, automaker car apps are outdated because our phones have everything consumers need.

Most people today want to drive around in the latest cars with all of the latest technology and as more of it comes standard, some of the older, outdated technology has no use or purpose in newer cars. However, a lot of the higher-end technology does not come standard and those packages on new cars can really raise the price tag.

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