Ten Tips To Increase Your Car’s Value

Planning to sell off your car and want maximum resale price? Here are ten tips to keep in mind to increase your car’s value.

* Take into consideration what kind of car you have. It can help you score a higher value depending on the make, model, year, condition, mileage, and desirability

* Research online using car valuation tolls to get an estimate of what car is worth

* Settle for a minimum price point when you encounter possible buyers who are looking to negotiate

* If selling to a local business, keep in mind that they probably want three to five percent commission from selling your car. So add four to five percent to the final minimum price

* Be sure to have all correct and proper documentation

o Original registration certificate

o Updated insurance policy

o Warranty documents (accessories, batteries, tires, etc.)

Proper documentation increases your resale value.

* Give the new owner of your car the spare keys

* Print out or if already printed, have the service history ready

* Make sure the owner’s manual is in the car

* If your car came with a spare wheel and toolkit to change a tire, be sure the tire and tools are in useable condition

* Do not leave empty any essential fluids; windshield fluid and lubricants. Also, be courtesy and fill the tank up to one-third of it’s capacity.

* Remove all unwanted items; empty bottles, bag, cigarette buds, trash, and anything else.

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