Test Driving a Car: Do Your Homework First

test driving a carWhen taking over a car lease, it’s a good idea to test drive the car before making a final decision.

Test driving a car can help you determine whether it meets all your wants and needs, as well as making sure that everything is in working order.

Here are some tips and tricks to study before test driving a car:

  • Do your homework. Before test driving a car, you should check out the wealth of information available online about the particular make and model. For example, you can read reviews to see if other people have been satisfied with the model and whether there are any reliability issues.
  • Check the exterior. Test driving a car should include more than just the drive itself. Before climbing in, walk around the car and check the condition of the exterior. You can also take the opportunity to examine the trunk or cargo area, to see if it’s large enough and easy to access.
  • Check the features. For example, if it’s a convertible, see how quickly and conveniently the top can be taken down. If it has an infotainment system, check the controls and see how easy the menu is to operate.
  • Try different seats. Besides the driver’s seat, climb into the back seat and see whether it’s large and comfortable enough for your passengers.
  • Get comfortable. Adjust the driver’s seat, steering wheel, pedals and mirror to ensure the car is literally a good fit for you.
  • Take it through the paces. Drive it on the types of roads you’ll be frequenting and drive it the way you normally drive so you can judge whether the acceleration, braking, steering and suspension meet your approval.
  • Look and listen. Check the visibility out of all the windows and mirrors and listen for any unusual noises that might indicate a problem with the car.
  • Think. Take some time to reflect on the drive and consider whether you’re satisfied.

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Image via Shutterstock.com