That New Car Smell

Nothing beats the smell of a new car. The smell of the leather, the plastic interior features, the upholstery, it all sets the tone for your drive.


But if the smell is too strong or offends the passengers, it could deter drivers from purchasing that car.


The scent specialists at Ford are sniffing out the best materials to be used in car interiors. Some materials can produce an offensive odor when exposed to different temperatures and conditions.


Ford places samples of each material being considered for their vehicles, in sealed glass jars and simulates various conditions a car’s interior might encounter.  The samples are heated, cooled, and exposed to high and low humidity levels. Once the samples have been put exposed, the approved smell consultants put their noses to work. The materials are graded on the potency of their smell and whether or not the smell is pleasant. However, each person is different and has a unique opinion on the various fragrances.  But the overall goal is not to make the cars smell good, just to make the cars not smell bad.


Thanks to the hardworking sniffers at Ford all of the vehicles will be rolling off the lot with that new car smell, that is, until the aroma of Chinese take-out, the kid’s football gear and wet dog ruin it.


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