The Always-On Car Warranty

According to a recent survey, safety ranks as one of the highest factors in wanting to get a new car. Because only with a lease can you consistently upgrade to the newest and safest technology. If you purchase a vehicle, you’ll be in a long-term agreement with a car that will, over time, compromise the integrity of important safety features due to wear and tear.

A recent report found twenty-four of the safest 2013-2014 cars, from airbags to brakes. They include:

Where does leasing fit into the conversation? With a lease you can get a different car every few years. This is important because recent studies show that “always having a car under warranty” is one of the biggest reasons people look to change their vehicle. Gone are the days when drivers wanted to fix their own car, and with the sharp increase of vehicle recalls as of late, drivers are even more concerned about the safety of their vehicle. On, you can find each of the above-mentioned models for a cheap price and a short term agreement:

  • Ford Fusion $274 per month/27 months
  • Hyundai Elantra $179/36 months
  • Honda Accord $159/36 months
  • Nissan Altima $239/10 months
  • Volkswagen Passat $195/26 months

Not only can you get the safest cars on the market by simply paying a cheap monthly payment; by the time newer safety features arrive on the market, you’ll be looking for a new car.

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