The Appealing Side of Leasing a Car in the New Year

Car buying today has come a long way. Where leasing was once seen as a privilege for those who were able to drive a new car every few years, it can now be seen as a more affordable option than vehicle ownership. The cost of owning a car has steadily risen due to higher prices and lengthier loan terms. People now have to borrow more and longer in order to afford a new vehicle.

Are you thinking twice about leasing a car? Not everyone is convinced of the power of leasing. According to Business Insider, leasing from a cost standpoint might sound less appealing. If you have 20% down and a five-year loan, (in the sixth year) the car can be yours with no more payments. What if someone isn’t able to make a 20% down payment? It might take much longer to achieve that goal. Being able to lease a car has many advantages. You are able to get your dream car and pay much less and always have a brand new car.

The recent article from Business Insider also presents that leasing a car you will be stuck in a contract with stiff financial penalties to pay. What happens if you were to switch jobs and have a longer commute? Or move and no longer need a car? is the perfect answer to these questions. You don’t have to feel like you will be trapped with the car or half to save up 20% to buy a car plus 5 year loan. offers individuals to leave their leases with few penalties, if any. For consumers who are looking to get a new car leasing might be the perfect decision, especially if you’re looking for a shorter-term commitment then getting stuck with the same car for the next 72 months. offers an alternative to buying a car.

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