The Benefits of Window Tinting a Vehicle

With summer quickly approaching, vehicle owners should prepare for the potential road trips and family vacations with window-tinting. Window tinting is a small, but crucial process of putting on a thin laminate film to darken the glass of a vehicle. By darkening the glass, the vehicle owner experiences several aesthetically pleasing and practical benefits.

Some benefits of window tinting are:

Ultraviolet (UV) Ray Protection:

Vehicles are where drivers get a majority of UV rays, which may come as a surprise to many car owners. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the side and back windows allow in more than 60 percent of UVA rays. Consequently, US drivers get more skin cancer on the left side of the body where they are closer to the window. With enough exposure to UV rays, drivers and all their passengers run the risk of cellular level skin damage that can cause wrinkles, age spots, leathering, and even skin cancer. The way drivers can protect themselves against the risk of overexposure to UV rays is window tinting. Car owners can specifically purchase UVA-filtering window that reduces skin cell death created from UV rays by 93 percent as reported by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

UV rays not only hurt vehicle owners but the interior of their car as well. A car’s upholstery, carpeting, and dashboard can fade over time with exposure from the sun. The less protection, the more and quicker the condition of the interior will deteriorate. Window tint is a car owner’s best bet at preventing this damage.


The thin film of window tint may not look like much, but it can protect car owners in two ways. First, window tint can protect car owners and passengers from bodily harm in a car accident by holding shattered glass in place or lessening the amount of shattered glass. Lastly, window tint can help ward off any car burglars. As of 2016, the FBI reported an approximate 765,484 of vehicle thefts nationwide. To make sure vehicle owners’ cars don’t add to the statistic they can tint their windows. The dark shade of window tint film allows valuables to stay hidden and prevent them from being easily spotted by burglars.

Fashionable Look:

While window tint may not be thought of often, it does play a major role in tying the look of a vehicle together. The dark, black, almost reflective surface of window tint makes any car look high-end. A perfect example of this effect can be seen in any movie or TV show featuring vehicles!