The Best Time to Get Into a Pre-Owned Vehicle

For the most part, pre-owned vehicle prices have been in decline and look to remain this way for the next two years. As stated in a recent CNBC article, used car prices have dropped by 11.8 percent from August 2013 to July 2014.

Right now is one of the best times to get a pre-owned vehicle. As the supply of used cars grows, there is less demand for them so dealers are looking to get those models off the lot for less. There has been a two percent decline in prices for midsize sedans from $15,000 in June to $14,700 in July.

But there are other options when shopping for a slightly used vehicle, and one that is still under warranty. Have you ever taken over the contract on an existing car lease? Leasing a car allows for much more flexibility and ease when making the decision to get into a vehicle and can be more cost effective than purchasing a car. is the largest online car lease marketplace helping drivers get the best deal suited for them.

Also, leasing helps drivers avoid the depreciation situation because you’re not selling your car at the end of the term, but rather handing the keys back to the dealer.

Pairing drivers who are compatible, helps individuals looking to get out of their car lease find someone willing to take over the remainder of their lease. Potential buyers can search car listings to find what they’re looking for and will facilitate the lease transfer process. Don’t wait until the price drops on the car you’re looking to acquire when you can be driving that car right now.

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