The BMW 4-Series Coupe Gets a Fresh New Face

BMW is back with a innovative spin on the 4-Series coupe. BMW unveiled the concept vehicle at the Frankfurt auto show on Tuesday, September 10. The most notable design upgrade to the 4-series is the larger, flashier grille that (some say) resembles the shape of a kidney. 

The BMW 4-series coupe concept vehicle (Photo Source:

​In addition to the design upgrade, the new BMW 4-series coupe also includes a stretched wheelbase, curved roofline, and short overhangs. BMW describes their new 4-series model as “elegant and dynamic,” but will it be enough to improve the recent 30 percent decline of sales (according to JATO Dynamics)? BMW seems to think so.

Another notable design feature of the 4-series coupe is the sleek LED light that runs across the width of the vehicle, designed to make the car look more “brawny” according to the company. BMW also followed the trend of many other luxury car brands, minimalism. The slender rear view mirrors blend seamlessly with the window lines of the car, leaving them virtually invisible at first glance.

With a minimal design and glistening grille roaring with turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four or a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6, the BMW 4-series is sure to satisfy any driver. Whether you’re driving through a bustling city or cliff side along the Pacific Ocean, the BMW 4-series coupe is aimed to please.