The Car of Your Dreams is Waiting for You

When it comes to purchasing or leasing a car, consumers are confused about which option will be better for them. Forbes recently released an article expressed that the average lifetime for an American car is 11.4 years. Sure, cars are lasting longer, but people are also very interested in changing into a different vehicle more frequently. With the economy stabilizing and consumers recovering from the Great Recession, car sales have slowly started to increase.

A recent WalletHub survey reported that since the beginning of 2012 auto loan rates have decreased about 10%. Since most Americans will be looking to get a new car, now is the perfect time to get a new car as dealers roll out some of the best deals of the season. You can also find great deals online, or at least use the Internet to comparison shop on the right lease deal.

The report also acknowledged that dealerships aren’t the only place to get a loan. Credit unions offer loans with as much as 40% lower interest rates on new cars and up to 44% lower loan rates on used cars. Most dealers’ loan lengths are capped at 72 months, while credit unions offer longer terms, 96 months for new cars and 84 months for used cars. But why get stuck paying for a car for seven or eight years? offers individuals alternatives to buying a car. Just as we like to have the newest and latest phones, allows individuals to transfer their lease and be in the next car of their dreams. The days of getting locked into a long-term contract are slowly getting left behind and are being replaced by convenient, affordable, user-friendly deals.

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