The Electric Surge

With Automotive companies investing heavily in the EV market, here are several vehicles you will be seeing in the near future: 

In 2020:

Aston Martin Rapide E: Making its auto show debut in Shanghai, the Rapide E features an 800-volt electrical system encased in carbon fiber and Kevlar, with 65-kWh capacity. Although the company has not announced the exact release date, the Rapide E is expected to go on sale in 2020.

BMW: Automaker BMW is wasting no time when it comes to producing electric vehicles. The automaker plans to produce a 3 series plug-in hybrid, improved X3 plug-in hybrid, and X5 plug-in hybrid all in 2020.

Ford Escape: Ford announced the fourth-generation Escape hybrid said to launch in spring 2020.

Ford Mach E: Move over Tesla, Ford is coming out with a brand-new Electric Vehicle that is said to be inspired by the Mustang. The Mach E is a crossover with a 300-mile range.

Jeep Wrangler: The classic, rugged Jeep Wrangler is notorious for being a bit of a gas guzzler- until now. Jeep recently announced a plug-in hybrid option Wrangler said to roll out in 2020.

Kia Soul: The notoriously boxy Kia Soul has been completely re-design and modernized for the 2020 lineup. While the soul EV has been around for quite some time, the new and improved version has a 64-kWh battery with 243 miles of range. Kia has committed to producing many more electric vehicles in the future.

Mercedes-Benz EQA: Mercedes-Benz is working tirelessly to deliver the best and brightest in luxury electric vehicles. Mercedes’ EQ sub-brand will feature an impressive lineup of electric cars including the EQA and EQC compact crossover.