The New Leasing Epicenter: South Florida

As the economy continues its recovery, consumers are feeling more confident in their buying power and have helped new car sales in the automotive industry. Leasing has seen an unprecedented increase lately and more Americans are choosing to lease their new car rather than purchase their new vehicle.

A recent article in the Sun Sentinel elaborated this renewed trend and revealed that South Florida is one of the most popular places where more drivers are choosing to lease rather than purchase a car. The article mentioned that South Florida is leading the way in new leases, about 35 percent of new vehicle sales while Los Angeles and San Francisco leasing sales are at 30 percent.

South Florida is known for its extravagant style and those who live there want to look the part. What’s more, leasing and not buying, has become more convenient for those living in South Florida. It offers more car for less money and for those who like to drive the latest and greatest models, there’s no better way than leasing.

However, for those currently in a lease with some time to go who are looking to upgrade, might be the best place to list your lease. helps drivers wanting to exit their lease early by transferring ownership of the lease without having to pay extra fees of getting out of the lease before it’s due.

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