The New Normal For Car Shopping

The price of automobiles has been on the rise lately but that hasn’t prevented Americans from purchasing new cars. In fact, sales of automobiles in 2014 have increased exponentially when compared to the last couple of years.

Nevertheless, consumers are looking for ways to make payments more manageable. A recent article in TIME stated that Americans have been borrowing more in order to afford their new vehicles. The article presented data from Experian Automotive that found the average new car loan increased by $1,100 to $27,799.

Consumers are borrowing more and for longer to cope with the rising prices. The average monthly payment for a new car is $470 and consumers will be stretching the grand total over 5 or 6 years. The longer loans might mean that you’ll end up paying more in accumulated interest over time. However, taking over an existing can be the solution for individuals looking for short-term commitment and lower monthly payments., the largest online lease transfer marketplace, offers drivers the chance to take over an existing lease. Drivers who no longer want to stay in their car lease can have someone else take it over by listing it on What better way to get into a newer vehicle that fits within your budget? You upgrade your cellphone every few months, why not your car?

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