The New Rolls Royce Cullinan

Make way, there’s a new player in the game. Rolls Royce is making a distinguised debut in super premium SUV space setting it apart from the pack. The new segment of luxury off road vehicles including models from Bentley and Lamborghini is expanding with the addition of the Rolls Royce new Cullinan.

With a starting price of $325,000 the tag on the new “high-sider vehicle” tops Bently’s W-12 powered Bentayga and Lamborghinis V-8 powered Urus. It’s alternative approach to the sport utility class and background defines why the Cullinan stands out amongst it’s ultra luxe competiton.

Cullinans only downer:

Air suspension and a 72.2 inch height enables the vehicle to cross flowing streams with ease. Riding high comes with no compromise, the UK based carmaker eliminates the struggle of mounting yourself in; by the tap of the stainless door levers, the Cullinan lowers 1.5 inches for an inviting entrance to the plush cabin.

Rolls Royce impressive offroad history:

Long ago, during the Scottish Reliability Trials of 1907 and the Alpine Trials of 1913 the UK based carmaker performed in rough road testing. Frank Norbury, a Brittish businessman of the time, traveled a total of 620 miles in the Rolls Silver Ghost on a jouney from Bombay to Kolhapu without a trouble. Two Silver Ghosts were also used by T.E Lawrnece transporting goods through Palestine and Sanai deserts.

It’s Solid:

The cullinan was tested to destruction across the globe and offers a different set of off road capabilites. Although it’s intended ride does not include steep hill climbs and hardcore off roading, it makes  a solid choice for venturing light tralis.


Speedy and Agile, Cullinan has a twin-turbocharged 6.75 liter V-12 capable of speedy 563 horsepower and all-wheel steering making Cullinan drive seemingly smaller than it’s frame suggests.

Equipped to Tailgate:

The boot of Cullinan contains “The Clasp”, a never before used feauture within the Rolls Royce lineup. Equipped with a fridge, whiskey decanter, champagne glasses, and plenty room to spare, Cullinan makes the perfect base for a tailgate party. If that wasn’t enough, the rear can also provide seating with two outward facing seats.