The Right Light

On average, a single car can have up to 30,000 different pieces and parts. Each of those parts is important in ensuring that the driver is safe and that the vehicle can function properly. Some parts like the wheels, airbags and seat belts are most often recognized for their contributions to the safety of the vehicle. But other parts, like that headlights, play an important role too.


By 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will be grading car headlights based on how they function. Currently, the federal government regulates the brightness, alignment, and other basic functions but not on the effectiveness of the headlight itself.


The NHTSA will test the functionality of each pair of headlights of new cars coming out in the next three years and incorporate that information into the overall safety rating for each vehicle.


Until that time, keep in mind that the most effective headlights at the moment are the LED projectors found in cars like the Toyota Prius. Most cars on the road have standard halogen lights which can deliver more glare to oncoming drivers and are considered less effective compared to LED lights.


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