The Rise of Auto Sales and Millennials

The state of the automotive industry will be dependent on Millennials entering into the workforce and adult life. There were reports that Millennials weren’t contributing to the automotive industry because most were turning away from vehicles. However, an Automotive News article has reported otherwise.

Since the Great Recession, it has been harder for Millennials to find a steady job and begin adult life. While the Baby Boomer generation contributed greatly to the automotive industry, it seemed that Millennials weren’t as interested in getting their licenses or owning a car as their parents and grandparents. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

With the economy continuing its recovery, Millennials have started to impact the auto industry with a slow increase in new car sales and leases. According to the article, auto loans grew 27 percent in 2014 for Millennials, an increase from roughly 10 percent in 2013. Millennials seem to be finding their footing and are beginning to make major life decisions.

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