The Road Less Traveled for Bank Loans

The automobile market has changed since the Great Recession. As prices skyrocketed, more people chose to lease instead of buy vehicles. As the economy has slowly been recovering, banks and automakers are finding new ways to gain new customers.

A recent Automotive News article stated that banks aren’t the only players in the auto financing game anymore. Big motor corporations like Toyota Motor Corp., Ford Motor Co., and Honda Motor Co. have also staked their claim in the auto financing game. According to the report, banks have started to finance used cars in order to stay in the competition.

However, not everyone is seeing automakers’ aggressive push and incentives and as a good thing. While bolstering sales and loan numbers is good for business, industry analysts are beginning to question the long-term benefits of these programs. If interest rates rise, incentives could prove to be harmful for automakers and can negatively affect profits.

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