The Safest Cars To Lease

According to a recent survey, safety ranks as one of the highest factors in wanting to get a new car. Because only with a lease can you consistently upgrade to the newest and safest technology in the most affordable way possible. If you purchase a vehicle, you’ll be in a long term agreement with a car that will, with time, no longer be the safest vehicle on the market.

What’s worse, if you lock yourself in a car for longer than five years you run the risk of encountering even more safety issues as cars undergo wear and tear over time.

A recent report found 24 of the safest 2013-2014 cars, from airbags to brakes. They include:

On, you can find each of the models for an affordable price and a short-term agreement, all with no down payment requirements:

  • Ford Fusion $274 per month/27 months
  • Hyundai Elantra $179/36 months
  • Honda Accord $159/36 months
  • Nissan Altima $239/10 months
  • Volkswagen Passat $195/26 months

Not only can you get the safest cars on the market by simply paying a low monthly payment; by the time newer safety features arrive on the market, you’ll be available to upgrade into newer technology. People enjoy leasing an electric vehicle for this reason, and a growing number of drivers interested in an always-on warranty are taking advantage of leasing as well.

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