The Tussle over Touchscreens

As the years go by, cars are becoming more and more high tech.  Whether it be Bluetooth, blind spot detection, or touchscreens, there have definitely been a number of advances made in the automotive industry in recent years.

Speaking of touchscreens and technological advances, there is currently a heated debate about this feature in many new vehicles.  According to The Irish Times, “it’s a battle to establish whose ‘brain’ will control the touchscreen that provides drivers with information and entertainment on the move.”

These two “brains” that the battle is between are of course Google’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  As the demand for this high tech feature in vehicles is increasing, car makers are being forced to decide which touchscreen system they should go with.  This is a very difficult choice for car makers because whether they associate their vehicle with Google or Apple can potentially pull customers in or drive them away depending on that customer’s brand preference.

With both Google’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on the rise, one thing is for sure and that is that the automotive industry is making some serious advances.

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