Things To Know About Leasing With Bad Credit

Usually, with bad credit, it is nearly impossible to lease out a car but there is hope! If you are approved for a lease with your low credit, here are a few things to prepare for.

Bad to fair credit gets you a lease that is more expensive than a driver who has good credit. You will find yourself paying a higher interest rate and possibly a security deposit if your credit is really bad.

When you are approved you might end up as a subprime lessee. Subprime loans are loans made at higher interest rates for borrowers with bad credit and don’t qualify for the ordinary loans and you might deal with unfavorable terms.

Typically companies don’t approve someone with bad credit, but companies like Kia Motors Finance have made an impact with approving those who don’t have that good to excellent credit. If you can get a lease, make sure to stay on top of it!

The best way to calculate how much you can afford is to put together a budget of all your other expenses, such as housing, food, and investments. Whatever is left after accounting for all non-car expenses will be the amount you can spend on leasing a car. Keep in mind to avoid too many miles to avoid the overage fees and avoid excessive wear and tears.

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