Top 5 Subcompact Cars

More people are starting to make the switch from larger cars to subcompact cars like the Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. Even in the United States, where bigger is always better, it’s becoming more common to see these small cars on the road.


According to US News, these are the top 5 subcompact cars based on critics’ rating, performance, interior, safety, and reliability.


  1. Honda Fit
  2. Chevrolet Sonic
  3. Ford Fiesta
  4. Kia Rio
  5. Scion iA


Subcompact cars are making a comeback because people are starting to see the economic value behind them. Not only are they a cheaper purchase altogether, but basic car maintenance is also less expensive compared to larger cars. In addition, these cars have excellent fuel economy, so drivers will save money on gas.


Another advantage of driving a smaller car is that you can fit in much smaller parking spaces. Crowded parking lots that were once a hassle to find a spot now become much more accessible because subcompact cars require much less space to park.


Since subcompact cars are easier to drive, they make the perfect first car for any new driver. They are easy to maneuver when changing lanes and turning corners, which allows for a better driving experience. Even more experienced drivers note the sportier feel on the road gives these cars an extra appeal.


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